System requirements

  • Perfect Streamer runs on OS Linux. The main requirement is GLIBC version >= 2.17.

  • The system must be compatible with the Gemalto Sentinel protection system.

  • Network interfaces for streamer must be configured statically.

Installation packages and repositories are available for the Red Hat and Debian families. RHEL version 7 and higher (Centos etc) is supported. Debian based systems (Ubuntu etc) must have systemd service.

Hardware requirements: one 2.4 GHz core and 1 GB of RAM for every 200 Mb of traffic. The estimate is approximate and depends on the used protocols and service configuration.

There is two packets in repository: pstreamer and pstreamer-demo. They are not compatible whith each other. Only one of them can be installed. The configuration file from pstreamer may be incompatible with pstreamer-demo. The service may not start and you may need to manually delete the pass.json file.

Installation on systems of the RHEL family

Install repository for RHEL 7:

$ sudo yum install yum-utils
$ sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo=

Or for RHEL 8:

$ sudo yum config-manager --add-repo=

Install package:

$ sudo yum -y install pstreamer
$ sudo yum -y install pstreamer-demo

Update package:

$ sudo yum -y update pstreamer
$ sudo yum -y update pstreamer-demo

Removing all packages:

$ sudo yum -y remove pstreamer aksusbd
$ sudo yum -y remove pstreamer-demo

Installing on Debian Family Systems

Install repository:

$ sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pstreamer.list
$ sudo apt-get update

Install package:

$ sudo apt-get install pstreamer
$ sudo apt-get install pstreamer-demo

Update package:

$ sudo apt install pstreamer
$ sudo apt install pstreamer-demo

Removing all packages:

$ sudo apt-get remove pstreamer aksusbd
$ sudo apt-get remove pstreamer-demo

Files and services


Executable file.


Global settings, logs, paths to folders, etc. When making changes, reload the service.


Settings file. Created and updated automatically.


Default configuration file. It is used in case of damage or deletion of settings.


The configuration file saved during restore. It is used if the restored configuration file has errors.


Data folder. Created and updated automatically. Can be changed in the global settings file.


systemd service file.


Log recording folder. Can be changed in the global settings file.

Service name pss. Runs as user pss.

The installation process installs the accompanying package aksusbd from the security system, includes the services hasplmd and aksusbd.